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How I felt the day a woman gave me a dirty slap – Yomi Peters

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Veteran juju singer, Yomi Peters has opened up on the slap he got from a woman that got him literally confused. How I felt the day a woman gave me a dirty slap, Yomi Peters.

How I felt the day a woman gave me a dirty slap, Yomi PetersAs you know, not every man can relate the fury of a woman’s wrath especially if he has done nothing wrong. Lol.

Yomi Peters,’ experience with a lady’s slap was more like a 40-man gang robbery attack on him.

Speaking with Punch, the juju singer said  when his ex-girlfriend gave him a blinding slap simply because she thought he was cheating on her.

Hear him: “I can never forget the day a woman slapped me.

“There was a lady that came to visit me from America. My music promoter asked her to collect some documents from me.

“So when she called me, she told me that she needed the document as soon as possible because she would soon be travelling back again.

“I asked her to meet up with me where I was and from there we would go to my house to pick the documents she required.

“When we got to the house, I told her to wait for me in the car while I hurriedly went inside to fetch the document.

“Meanwhile, my girlfriend had been calling me several times on the phone but I did not pick her calls.

“I did not know that she had parked her car in front of my house waiting for me.

“Because I was rushing to get the document, I did not see her car.

“While I was in the house, my girlfriend went to my car and asked the woman to wind down the glass so they could talk but she refused because she did not know who she was.

How I felt the day a woman gave me a dirty slap, Yomi Peters

 How I felt the day a woman gave me a dirty slap, Yomi Peters“This infuriated my girlfriend and she entered the house.

“I was locking the door when she came and the next thing I knew was that she gave me a hot slap at the back of my neck.

“At first I thought I was being attacked by armed robbers. When I turned around and saw her, I was dazed.

“She accused me of cheating and said that I refused to pick her calls because I was with a woman. I had never been slapped that way in my life.

“We did not later get married but whenever I see the lady, we always laugh about the incident,” Peters quipped.

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