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Yomi Peters explains why men cannot do without women

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Popular juju musician, Yomi Peters, has explained why men cannot do without women.

Peters, who is the younger brother of another popular juju musician, Sir Shina Peters noted that he has been able to control and manage himself around women.

Yomi Peters explains why men cannot do without women

As you know, in this part of the world most especially, ladies are epitomized as ‘weaklings’ and ‘fragile’ and that is not entirely true.

The saying, ‘What a man can do, a woman can do better’ is still in effect, although, most people undermine it.

You may not realize that but I know many a mighty men who have been brought down by some of these “weak” young ladies…Do you still call them weak?

Some of these points prove that women are not weak.

Ladies are better lovers than guys. This attitude in them began from childhood. Almost every lady have a love song in her phone.

Without them, guys just don’t really care. When a woman loves, she loves for real…ask R Kelly.

Also, the physique of a woman is unique as it undoubtedly attracts a man anytime.

You would agree with me that there is just something attractive about the body of a woman.

Women help men share what they have.

Now, this is the funny one. You may be complaining that your girl is asking too much but if she goes, you’ll miss her.

Apart from your family, who else should you share your money with? Your girl! Every “broke guy” has someone he’s asking “o baby.

For Peters, he shares the same views.

Yomi Peters explains why men cannot do without women

How I felt the day a woman gave me a dirty slap – Yomi Peters

In a recent chat, when asked if he has as many ladies in his life as his elder brother, he simply said, “One cannot do without women but one has to know how to manage them.

“I don’t have so many wives and children, so I can still defend myself.

“By the way, I know how many wives and children my brother had when he was my age.

“But I thank God that I am still able to manage myself but I am not saying that I am a saint.

“You just have to know how to package yourself.” Lol

Recall that often times, the singer has been compared to his elder brother, Sir Shina Peters, with many people saying that they look so much alike.

Any time such subject matter is brought up, he is always ready to say that he looks nothing like his brother.

Again, he repeated himself. Do you sense anything?

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