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Nigerian politician sends Bobrisky N2m for being too cute

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Self-acclaimed Snapchat king, Bobrisky, has revealed that a Nigerian honourable credited his Nigerian account with N2 million just because he’s too cute. Bobrisky never ceases to amaze us. As an intersexual cross-dressing, bleaching advocate, born Idris Okuneye, he made it to limelight with his signature look as being hyper feminine with full-on makeup, long pointed faux nails, weaves, fake lashes, coloured eye contacts and he constantly pouts his lips in every video. Nigerian politician sends Bobrisky N2m for being too cute.

Fondly called ‘Africa’s First Male Barbie’, Bobrisky is known for many things as stated above especially his love for makeup and always looking flawless in his photos.

Nigerian politician sends Bobrisky N2m for being too cute

Nigerian politician sends Bobrisky N2m for being too cuteBack to his recent rant that has got tongues wagging. On his Snapchat, he claimed an honourable credited his account for being too cute. Lol. Here’s what Bobrisky wrote on Snapchat…

“Just got an alert of 2million in my Nigeri account. An honourable gave me, awwww, he says I’m too cute.”

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Is Bobrisky gay? The question that no one can really get an answer to because he or maybe ‘she’ keeps misleading people. As some point, he finally addressed rumours that he is gay. In an interview with Celeb Police, the popular gender bender opened up for the first time about his true self while also slamming those claiming he is gay.

He said: “When Nigerians talk about the whole 14 years thing, I just sit down and be like why are some Nigerians so stupid, because the law does not say if u look and appear girly you would go to jail. The law said gay marriage and I have never come out there and say I am getting married to a guy neither have I said I want to marry a guy.

Nigerian politician sends Bobrisky N2m for being too cute

“The fact that I look and act like a girl does not mean I am gay, I am only doing this to survive, because it is the best I can do. I only think of how to get clients to patronize me. In the next ten years, I want to have a family – my kids, my wife and I. I want to be a crowd puller and that name, Bobrisky to keep flowing for eternity.”

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Okay, are you clear now? So which honourable sent him such an amount because he is too cute? Male or female? Think on, he will soon rant again! Lol.

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