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Vector Tha Viper Murdered Again, Kilode???

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 Vector tha Viper Murdered Again:

Me – vector tha viper:  “Just negodu his fine teeth, msctheeew….Whats that?”

Aha, kole werk!!
Girl: “Is it because you manage to carry me to that cheap restaurant? Is that why you want to get in between my legs?”
Abeg, What that?
Boy: “Haa, after spending my money on you …chasing you like tomorrow no dey.  And now you are telling me that you are on your menses, my friend, come on whats that?
I must confess that i wasn’t a huge fan of the rapper, Vector tha viper butttt!!!

omo’ this his song ‘whats that’ from the album, Lafiaji got me halting on my way to taking a shower just as i heard the beat blaring from my TV set, tuned in on MTVbase.
I was like; hey whats that?

I waited to fathom the face , seeing that he looked totally dapper in this particular video. Just when the name popped up, i was like “ooh Vector.”  Now unlike Olamide’s ‘Owo blow’, the beat on this song captivated me. The weird thing is, the beat doesnt even embody much of  ‘gbedu’ vibe… that i mean, you dont necessarily have to scatter your bori to the rhythm or twerk and what not.

The beat was designed just for the big boys in the beardgang association, who just want to sit in the club to watch the activities happening around them.  And have their glasses filled with a bottle of Moscatto and just, you know unwind and bump their head to it with efizzy.

That kind tin!
Habamana, no stress, just chill and watch their shengkpes (babes) do the weak hip sway from side to side.. You understand that kind level, yea? If you do then You haff join bad gang..LMAO

Mekoyo did it in:

Honestly Mekoyo did a fantastic job on the beat. It was catchy in addition to the fact that vector’s finesse on this video isn’t much of what i am used to seeing in his previous videos!

That accounted for the reason I could immediately place his face when I first saw the video.

Anyways, visuals of “what’s that” wasnt particularly spectacular as i was thinking that south Africa is one of the best tourist countries in the world and more beautiful SA sites could have been infused into the video.

The delivery was on point as he passed on a storyline that we are all acquainted with as Nigerians. Like you  have been crushing on a particular shengkpes. You decide to take her on a date. She comes with her friends. They all order like tomorrow no dey. Now, you oga, you say make u and this babe go house and she says, she is on her menses like kilode???

whats that!

RATE CARD: 65% (He tried)

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