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Video 69 By Praiz Goes Under The Sledge Hammer

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69 by Praiz

Who doesn’t like a good 69, huh? I think its my best number in numeric analysis. Because, of how these numbers are almost similar but different in positioning. Very sexual, you know what i mean?

‘If you do, then your smart..and loyal too!’

#GivingYouThatSideEye and throwing in some Dj Khaleed Lines


OMG.. that video, 69 by praiz is everything!

why is that, you ask?

It can fall into the category of love making songs just like “Naked” by Marques Houston, “Say It” by Tory Lanez and more!

Now, upon the release of 69 by X3M music artiste, Praiz, there’s been criticism from Nigerians as to how he could have done a better job by not sexualizing the women in his video but they forget that the industry strives on controversy. It just has to be that way or you would be termed “boring or conventional.”
Here I stand saying to you that 69 is an amazing song and could rub shoulders with the likes of ‘Earned it’ by the Weeknd.

It is a sensual song with highly sexually laced lyrics of praiz singing on how his love runs deep for his woman in a way that leaves him longing to live inside of her.
Praiz wasn’t alone on this song swarmed by scantily clad girls in a pool of water but soon he was joined in by Burna-boy and Ikechukwu who by the way has been MIA (Missing In Action) for a longtime.
Could this be a comeback for him?

69 by praiz

Anyways,we are really hoping so as his rap in the video was topnotch a chart-buster.

69 matters

The angles and shots, zooming in and out of the camera in the video is one that would leave you wondering who directed it until you get to the end of the music video where it showed “Clarence shot it” then you just know no one gives a better interpretation of a song like him.
It will be worthy afterall to note that Clarence Peter has been and is sweeping through the music industry like wildfire as most videos released and currently gaining massive airplay carry his signature.
I am sure you would like to know the bad sides of 69 music video, right???

okay lets begin:

  • It was just a song with no meaningful content maybe because it was overly sexual.
  • It was just a dominance of same scene with a pool of unclad girls clustered together erotically dancing around fully clothed Praiz, Ikechukwu (well he was without a shirt) and Burna boy.
  • There wasn’t any creativity apart from a room full of water which obviously was an adaptation of Lil wayne’s “Love me” musical video.

So, check below my ratings for the video, 69 by praiz

RATE CARD: 55% (Just a little above average, i know!)
Artise: Praiz
Featured Artistes: Burna Boy and Ikechukwu
Video directed and shot: Clarence Peters.
Record Label: Extreme Music

Music Link: 69

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