Democracy Day ThrowBack: Fela’s demonstration of craze, which way Nigeria? [DOWNLOAD BEAST OF NO NATION]

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Nothing has changed since Nigerian Afrobeat music pioneer, Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti, known professionally as Fela Kuti, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, or simply Fela, gave his own epic and hilarious breakdown of Democracy. As Nigerians all over the world remember and celebrate today – Democracy Day (29 May 2017), NAIJA FM saw the need to have our readers relax and cool off with some epic throwback from Fela. Democracy Day ThrowBack: Fela’s demonstration of craze.

In this throwback interview, Fela described Democracy as simply Demonstration of Craze. Looking at it critically, it makes all the sense that there is to be derived from the word. Nigerians have not only been crying from time immemorial, it is not a different scenario today as the same hands are still running the cabal. Nothing has changed, despite the ‘change’ mantrum.

Democracy Day ThrowBack: Fela’s demonstration of crazeFela was being sarcastic of the Democracy but it is not a big deal, he was outspoken and daring. Here’s what he said, “Now I mentioned Democracy. In English, an English man will say demo-cracy but if an African man wants to say it in broken (pidgin English), he will say demo-cree-cy.

Democracy Day ThrowBack: Fela’s demonstration of craze

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“I now thought of the word, I said demo-cracy. Now I saw craziness and I could not see my people see that democracy is not really that word, it is really just madness, so I decided to sing and I started to think of this word democracy – demo-cracy, crazy demo, demonstration of craze, crazy demonstration. Poor man dey cry, rich man dey mess, democracy, crazy demo, demonstration of craze

“Everything was a European background. Your upbringing, the teaching in school, but my father was a pastor,,,everything had to be English as we were not allowed to speak our country’s language in school. They called out own language vernacula…” he said in part.

Watch interview below…

Meanwhile, we also bring you one of Fela’s most outstanding song ‘Beast Of No Nation’ in which he talks about the many unusual happenings in the country and how the citizens all behave like crazy people. It touches political, economic, social matters and talks about the silence of the Nigeria people against government oppression and brutality while speaking up against apathy in foreign nations like South Africa. According to him, these could only happen in a crazy world.


This song remains relevant today as the same hypocrisy and silence in the face of government injustice is still the order of the day in our beloved country and continent as a whole.

Happy Democracy Day by the way…One Nigeria!!!

Democracy Day ThrowBack: Fela’s demonstration of craze

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