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Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest

I have loved Cassper Nyovest ever since the song,”Am all the way up, nothing can stop me.” Yes we are going to South Africa, guys and today Cassper will be slamming us hardcore as i write about this  particular song “war ready.” Prior to the time of writing, i wasn’t thinking of travelling out of the shores of Nigeria but the song “war ready” is one so captivating that i had to pause for a millisecond to be teleported to a time that i had only heard of and read about but never wished to have experienced it myself. And just as i was getting engulfed by the terrific cinematography, the worse that can ever make the most prim and proper girl scream “Oooh” when it isn’t instigated by a lover, happened to me….PHCN appeared like a knight in shinning armour with darkness as its cloak.

You know the feeling you get immediately that happens as a Nigerian huh? LOL… You just stay in that position that you were and you keep silent or close your eyes and allow your mind drift about on the movie you had been watching or the book you had been reading before PHCN dealt you that blow. That was the case with me as i started to think about the song “War ready” and what message it passed across.

If you have watched it,then you would instinctively know the direction i am trying to take this to as War ready reminded me of the historic struggles South Africans have had to go through in the 20th century from 1948- 1994. It bespoke the resistance to apartheid within that time frame, taking many forms from non-violent protest and demonstrations, strikes and burning up of passbooks to political actions and eventually to armed resistance upon which lives were slain.

Oh yes, Nigeria.. !

She has had her own fair share of depressive era and every-time i immerse myself  in these historic events that our forefathers and mothers  had gone through in Africa, i realized the much blood that the ground we freely walk upon today have soaked up yesterday. And like fine wine, it still gathers the fluid into a barrel saved for consumption. The war never seems to end as masses are constantly lured in with promises by its government and later on dragged by the collar like a worthless thief with the hike in price-tags .

I say this again, in case you didn’t mentally read my lips..” Prices have been paid for on these grounds you and i walk on.” The successes that this generation now bask in was only ascertained by the volume of  red fluid spilled and licked by each tiny little grain of soil.

Cassper Nyovest, even though he was vibing about himself, his successes in his lyrics and running out of breath at it, the cinematography told a different story. The storyline depicted a fight for freedom which was motivating for me as i deciphered that in life nothing is ever handed down to you on a platter of gold and if you are not ready for war, then don’t put on your combat clothes.  If you want it so bad then you will have to fight so hard for it.

He-he I think i just rhymed huh?

Anyways, what i am trying to say is sometimes life will kick you to the curbs and watch if you fight or bounce back for the treasure that you have been blindsided from and oblivious of as we have no ability to see the future but only hope for it..

Bottom-line, War ready by Cassper Nyovest was worth every time I invested, watching as the message was clear to me and i think everyone can relate to it differently depending on their current state of mind. To this end, more songs should carry deep messages that fans can relate to.

Let the lyrics teach the younger generations of  a time that used to be as history have been wiped away from secondary schools in Nigeria.

Let it be the voice of the people and speak the minds of them all.

Let the message be able to reach those in power while they are selfishly lounging in the comfort of their homes , having a glass of the most expensive wine in hand as the song plays out, reverberating through the walls of their mansion built by the taxes of the poor man who lives in an uncompleted building with not more than a meal to survive on.

If you are an artiste or an aspiring artiste then your sole aim of singing should be that you want to fall in the category of the likes of Asa, Tuface, Femi Anikulakpo Kuti, Timi Dakolo and others who go beyond bounds to be a  voice for the people, not just for themselves and help fight a war without shedding blood!


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