Domestic Violence: See What A Man Did To His Wife

Domestic Violence: See What A Man Did To His Wife

Oh my God! How many times? See what a man did to his wife. How do you treat a human being like a mere animal or even an object? More so, a wife you paid a bride price for. This is really heartbreaking.

See What A Man Did To His WifeSee What A Man Did To His Wife

I am also more worried about all those women who are victims of domestic violence and abuse but still choose to stay in those marriages. What do you want? To die in the name of being married?

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More and more people become victims of this monster that has found abode in our homes. Say no to domestic violence. Refuse to say a day longer in a home where you are beaten like a criminal. Speak up and let the perpetrators be brought to justice.

Credits: Linda Ikeji’s Blog.

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