Stay Away From Sex Forever For 30billion Naira? Answers Will Shock You

Stay Away From Sex Forever For 30billion Naira. Answers Will Shock You

I was of the view of taking the cash until the people of the world confused me. Stay away from sex forever for 30billion naira and the answers made me give up on this world. Ha! People like to do sha ooo. Lol

Stay Away From Sex Forever For 30billion Naira Stay Away From Sex Forever For 30billion Naira Stay Away From Sex Forever For 30billion Naira Stay Away From Sex Forever For 30billion Naira

In this recession….if you give me that kind of offer, I will take with a thank you. Who sex epp? But with 30billion for my account, me and Davido go the drag the same song. Yo know what I am saying? Lol…

Some think, there is no value for money if sex isn’t involved. I think of all the good things I can do for people with that amount of money. I can also give birth through artificial means and the baby would be mine without having to engage in sex. What could be more liberating?

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Anyways, it is a free world ooo. You choose the one you like. Some can do without sex if they have money. Others can do without money if they have someone who can “do” it very well. Variety, they say is the spice of life.

But some innocent faces I am seeing in this video that are still willing to leave the money for the doing, hmmmmm…continue, God is watching all of you. After now, you will be forming like you don’t know what sex is, abi? I pray your pastor stumbles on this video. Hehehe.

That time when you face church opta panel to explain why you know sex is sweet and you are supposed to be single, your eyes will clear. Me, I am going. Lol.

Video Credits: DelarueTV.

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