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Why I want to go to hell if I die – Brymo

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Popular singer, Brymo has explained why he wants to go to hell fire if he dies. I want to go to hell if I die, Brymo

I want to go to hell if I die, BrymoThe song writer, born Olawale Ashimi, better known by his stage name, Brymo, says that’s where good people go to.

He spoke extensively about God and religion in a recent interview where he made this known.

Asked what he meant by saying he wants to go to hell, Brymo said, “A lot of the people we call legends and role models did not live their lives in accordance to religious standards.

“And by religious standards, people who do not live in a certain way won’t make heaven.

“Today, we’re fans of Fela and many people like him who suffered for the good of mankind.

“When we die, we’re all going to the grave and that’s hell.”

This is not the first time the singer will say he wants to go to hell when he dies.

Brymo had said this and is repeating himself. Hmmm, someone needs to talk to him. Lol.

I want to go to hell if I die, Brymo

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He shared his thoughts on religion in Nigeria.

“I think religion, like other things society has put together, has over time lost its use due to the corrupt nature of man.

“We have lost the purpose behind many of these societal concepts like education, marriage and others.

“A lot of people are just religious but they don’t do any good deed.”

Asked if he subscribes to any religion, he noted: “I grew up a Muslim but as I grew older, I began to understand some of the limitations we have put on ourselves based on these things.

“Some people wouldn’t want to associate with Muslims because of their religion, and vice versa.

“I believe that being good has nothing to do with religion.”

Brymo however talked about his believe in God.

The ‘Fe Mi’ crooner said, “Yes, I believe there’s a power at work that put the world together though I have no confirmation of who God is.

“I don’t agree with how religion defines God because every religion has different interpretations.

“Sure, I believe that we don’t know much about our creator and we need to pay more attention to how we treat one another,” the alternative music singer stated.

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