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Nathaniel Bassey comes for Nigerians who criticized Hallelujah Challenge

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Nathaniel Bassey comes for Nigerians who criticized Hallelujah Challenge

In the last one month, social media was engulfed with ‘The Hallelujah Challenge’ which is a brain child of popular gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey. The challenge saw the singer streaming an hour of praise and worship on his Instagram page and enjoined others to fellowship with him for an hour between 12am and 1am. The one month programme caught on like wildfire and in no time, celebrities caught the bug and in less than a month, the programme has trended on Instagram and Twitter for days and it has over 600,000 views. Nathaniel Bassey comes for Nigerians who criticized Hallelujah Challenge.

But most Nigerians saw ‘bad’ in the challenge as many have openly commended the initiative. Well, as they say, there are two sides to a coin. A social media influencer Joy Bewaji, who condemned the challenge, shared a contrary opinion on the movement.

Nathaniel Bassey comes for Nigerians who criticized Hallelujah Challenge

Nathaniel Bassey comes for Nigerians who criticized Hallelujah ChallengeOn her Facebook wall, she wrote, “#HallelujahChallenge will succeed bigly in Nigeria. That’s a given. Not a miracle. Religion is the bedrock of our confidences and convictions. Reinhard Bonnke succeeded in the 90s with his exaggerated revivals in Nigeria. Adeboye succeeds every first Friday of the month, leaving travellers along Ibadan-expressway pulling out their hair (the irony of that situation: a god worshiping mission that makes people swear and curse in god’s name for hours of traffic they have to suffer just so a few can practise a religion). Christ Embassy succeeded on television.

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“No ministry is yet to beat the hours dedicated to Oyakhilome’s theatrics. Religion succeeds in Nigeria. If I start a church today, it will succeed. Calling or no calling. Because we are not people given to anything apart from an obsession with things we cannot see or have any control over, whilst all that we see rot away and are destroyed by our innate corruption. This cute online revival will change nothing; even if we gather half the numbers in Nigeria to spread their faith on Third Mainland Bridge and cry out to God (apart from that good feeling that plasters your heart after belting out and sweating on a few hallelujah songs). This is the era of knowledge.

Nathaniel Bassey comes for Nigerians who criticized Hallelujah Challenge“We are not Israelites under Moses. Salvation has come. Jesus has come and died. What else do you want? We have had too many spiritual revolutions. What we need is a mental one. You cannot pray Nigeria to greatness. It is impossible for God to move in a country where we allow our police to discard rape cases with the wave of a hand, and our politicians rob us blindly. It is not up to God to save the rot in our educational institutions or fix the drainage on our roads. It’s up to us. And we can’t do any of that on our knees. We get shit done in 2017 by cerebral drudgery,” she stated.

But in his opinion, Bassey seemed unperturbed by the attacks as he said that they were expected. In a chat with the Punch, the initiator said, “The attacks and criticisms were expected. I was humbled when the attacks began.

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“I read one of the attacks whereby I was placed side by side with my General Overseer, Pastor Adeboye, Chris Oyahkilome, Reinhard Bonnke and when they mentioned my name, I felt like one of the disciples in the bible who was so privileged to be flock for Christ. I was joyous. When you look at it, you realise that it is the story of life.

Nathaniel Bassey comes for Nigerians who criticized Hallelujah Challenge“Nothing of great repute happens without criticism and there is no innovator that has not been criticised. We celebrate Microsoft and Apple for their innovations but they faced criticism. Thomas Edison failed over 900 times when inventing the lightbulb and he was called a failure and all manner of names but today, we celebrate his invention. I have read a lot of biography and there is absolutely no great man in history that has not been criticised.

“Let’s talk about the scripture, Abraham left everything and followed God and people thought he was crazy. Jesus, our Lord and saviour was criticised a lot and no one on earth has been criticised as much as Jesus Christ. What it does is that it puts us in good company. I am sure when Martin Luther King said he had a dream, people thought he was crazy.

Nathaniel Bassey comes for Nigerians who criticized Hallelujah Challenge“Criticism comes with our faith. I think with the way God works, all the criticism only helped the project grow because it made people curious. What the devil meant for evil worked to our favour. The criticism has actually done a great awareness for what we are doing,” Bassey added.

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