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Domestic Violence: Peter Okoye beats his wife? – Fan reacts as singer calls him baboon

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Peter Okoye of the Psquare fame has spoken up against the high spate of domestic violence currently rocking marriages in Nigeria. On his Instagram page, he shared a photo of him wearing a Tshirt branded ‘Stop Domestic Violence’ and this engaged his followers in some sort of arguments. Peter Okoye beats his wife – Fan reacts as singer calls him baboon.

Peter Okoye beats his wife - Fan reacts as singer calls him baboonHe tagged the photos: “But seriously some MEN can fall hand. Next time if u want to beat or hit a Woman. Pls try beating me @peterpsquare @anthony_joshua or @floydmayweather then you will be called a reeeeeeeeaal MAN! Baboons! #StopDomesticViolence#RealMenDontBeatWomen#WomenAreNotPunchingBags. #whereIsThelove?”

A follower @josh_ibe commented on the post saying: “Just wetting for the news that will says you beated your wyfe. Bagerbond like you, as if u have to beat any women in your life before. Better leave us alone let us enjoys our beating with our wyfe o. When you beating your own nobody talk or posted online for you. You are just making me angried this nigt. U ilyterhate@peterpsquare.”

In his response, the ‘Bizzy Body’ crooner called him a baboon.

See the rest of their conversations below..

Peter Okoye beats his wife - Fan reacts as singer calls him baboon@bigger_son: “Look at peter becoming aggressive this evening insulting his fans and calling them baboon… nawaoooo cos of a comment have u seen me touch any woman? So argument can make u abusive like this.. chai some one I see as my role mode calling me baboon.. @peterpsquare did I tell u I beat women? I just enumerated their excesses u resort to abuse peter.. am highly disappointed at u this night.. u are fighting domestic violence and being aggressive insulting ur fans.. we shall see.”

Peter Okoye beats his wife? – Fan reacts as singer calls him baboon

The singer, @peterpsquare replied: “@bigger_son I no need to come to your level bro… that’s the reason why God can not bless u! Cos you don’t knw that women are also blessing from God to men. Bro I met my wife wen I had nothing so I just don’t get what level you are talking about . So wake up BABOON!”

Peter Okoye beats his wife - Fan reacts as singer calls him baboon@bigger_son: “But bro I never insulted u why calling me a baboon ur great fan @peterpsquare am totally disappointed I swear.. we are just analyzing ur caption.. I now told u my experience u still go on to abuse ur great fan.. issorite. I am shocked that u used such word on me. Everybody is now kicking against a man beaten a woman but nobody is telling the women to bridle their tongues and respect their man and always audit their language towards their husbands.. see peter u are my guy.. I prefer a blow from my fellow man than to receive a damaging word from a woman.. it enters my bone marrow.. I dey tell u… their mouths are toxic I don’t know what God did in those creatures.. a man will be insulting u and have reserve but a woman will finish u with the secrets she knows about u.. tufiakwa. @peterpsquare let me go and do my karaoke. Biko.. if they like they should continue to abuse men and coming to play victim card.”

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Peter Okoye beats his wife - Fan reacts as singer calls him baboon@josh_ibe: “@peterpsquare please don’t calling me bamboon becuse I’m hamsome dood gels are dying 4 to love. D trut is that one day you are goin to bit your wife. You’re a very poor man luking for us atension. Check anoder place. You can not get my atension. Becuse I know you are bitting yur wife and she isn’t want to post online like mercy aigbe. Big poor bagerbond like you.”

@peterpsquare: “@bucos2014 ladies I introduce to you one of them BABOONS!”

@bigger_son: “Bro some women are baboons quote me.. they only respect u becos u are rich and famous.. their mouth is full of poison and some of them will never tell u sorry if they offend u rather they enjoy keeping malice with u.. u need to see where a broken tap is running Na women mouth be that. I don’t support DV but they need to bridle their tongues and put their character on check.. some one like me hate arrogant and rude lady.. they can’t even enter my house not to talk of getting married to them.. if I ask u a question u answer me without giving arrogant answer I hate it with passion… so advise them to apply caution in their dealings with guys too.. a lady has called me a RITUALIST that I used my mother for ritual can u imagine… in my own house ooooo.. so there is no smoke without fire bro.. men with hot temper can not walk away from such insult bro… @peterpsquare relate.”

@bigger_son: “@amberromace my dear men no dey run their mouth like women.. a woman will tell u what will damage ur self esteem I swear.. @peterpsquare.”

Peter Okoye beats his wife - Fan reacts as singer calls him baboonThe increasing rate of domestic violence in Nigeria is alarming. Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior which involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. Domestic violence is no respecter of nobody as even our so-called celebrities are not exempted.

The list is endless…First, Patoranking’s former record label boss beating his wife. Secondly, it was Oladunni Churchill beating popular actress, Tonto Dikeh. The wind has recently blown the ‘evil spirit’ to Lanre beating ace actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry

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