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Your pastor is not your ‘daddy’, stop worshipping ‘men of God’ – Ruggedman blasts Christians

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Your pastor is not your ‘daddy’, stop worshipping ‘men of God’ – Ruggedman tells Christians

I have always wondered if most humans, especially Nigerians have lost or are losing their minds.

Christianity they say is a personal race but the way we practice it in Nigerian, seems like…

Well, it seems like ace Nigerian rapper, Michael Ugochukwu Stephens, better known by his stage name Ruggedman, just like me, is ‘tired’ of how people worship men of God instead of God.

Your pastor is not your 'daddy', stop worshipping 'men of God' - Ruggedman blasts Christians

See what he wrote on his Instagram page…

“Men are not God!

“I have seen some men of God go from humble servants to famous, filthy rich men who own private jets and private schools and wear the best designers and move with heavily armed security convoys.

“I have seen a congregation of people seeking God and all He has for us go from worshipping God to worshipping men of God.

“They have gone from calling God father and Daddy to calling pastors gather and Daddy. “The Bible says to our pastor says”

“They even go as far as saying ” the God of pastor X should bless them”.

“Some have given everything to “the pastor instead of to God”.

“Some pastors have gone from “seek ye the kingdom of God” to “if you have 200k for special prayers move to the right”.

“I have seen some churches go from saving souls to saving money. From winning souls to winning contracts.

“Pastors are supposed to pray for peace and should be quick to forgive because they they have Gods announcing flowing through them.

“God is not mocked.

“He gave us freewill a long time ago to make our choices. I choose not to attend any church that believes in seperating big men from small men.

“We are all equal in Gods eyes, but some pastors think different.

“I will not attend any church where a young pastor loves it when men and women older than him call him “daddy”. Jesus Christ respected everybody. He was neither proud not arrogant.

“Neither did he acquire and publicly flaunt wealth and luxurious items.

Be Exalted – Kole Williams (Album-Yahweh Adonai)

“Especially if majority of it was gotten from contributions by the congregation.

“If Your pastor owns a school that majority of his congregation can not afford to attend then that is a business man.

“Some pastors get caught up in scandals, you know why? Because they are men and not God.

“I choose to listen to a pastor but will not blindly do “anything he says” if I feel it is not what Gods word says.


That alone is a great sin.


God is for everybody and not for a privileged few.

Wow! A word is enough for the wise…

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