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Drama as Zimbabwean prostitutes offer free s*x to mourners at thief’s funeral [PHOTOS]

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A group of prostitutes in Zimbabwe recently engaged in a rather weird act recently as they offered free sex to mourners at a famous armed robber’s funeral. The group of mourners, on Monday and Tuesday night were treated to one of a kind souvenir following the burial of a notorious armed robber in Mbare. Drama as Zimbabwean prostitutes offer free s*x.

According to reports, to celebrate the final passing away of the thief, prostitutes blessed mourners present with free sex as a means to celebrate the life after death of the serial thief. They described the late thief who succumbed to tuberculosis as a sex maniac.

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Drama as Zimbabwean prostitutes offer free s*x

Drama as Zimbabwean prostitutes offer free s*xDrama as Zimbabwean prostitutes offer free s*x

Reports from H-Metro have it that the infamous thief popularly known as Masiyas Mesiyas during his reign while alive, was said to be the one who stole Jamaican artiste, Elephant Man’s cellphone when he came into the country a few years ago. The commercial sex workers said Mesiyas was their regular client and to celebrate him even in death, thieving, drug abuse and sex topped the funeral wake.

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During the funeral, one of the hookers who identified herself simply as Busi, said: “Mesiyas was a well-known thief but one of the things we have known him for as sex workers in Mbare is that he loved sex and was our regular client. We had no money to contribute in planning the funeral arrangements, but we offered what we know best and male mourners who came for the funeral could get sex for free.”

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Speaking on the choice of send forth, a family spokesperson, Brandon Chikukwa, confirmed the free sex offered by the prostitutes to mourners adding that: “I have never seen anything like what I witnessed from Monday night when my uncle died.

Drama as Zimbabwean prostitutes offer free s*x

People were celebrating his life in different ways, as they were having sex in cars and at night, people would just go anywhere private and start having sex. The service was being offered by the prostitutes for free to everyone who attended, we just hope they were wearing condoms.

“As a family we do not condone what was happening but there was nothing we could do because he was a people’s person. They were doing what they thought was best to pay their last respects to him,” the family member stated.

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