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Only in Africa? Man gets stuck inside best friend’s wife during ‘doggy style’ sex [VIDEO/PHOTOS]

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Does this happen only in Africa? An adulterous woman has been caught stuck in her lover during sex. Man gets stuck inside woman during sex.

This seems to be the norm in Africa, especially in Kenya as it had been reported several times how the incident happened there.

Man gets stuck inside woman during sexAlthough the location of this current one has not be established, the woman’s husband may have used a potion to catch her in the act.

In the Yoruba culture, the magun – or Juju – is usually used by the cuckolded man in a bid to shame his wife when she goes to meet with her lover sexually.

In this video, the humiliated duo were seen stuck to each other.

For shame, onlookers covered them up in a white cloth.

They were still both naked and stuck together.

Reports say the man got stuck inside his best friend’s wife while having sex from the back; that will be doggy style, right? Lol.

When both of them could not endure the pain that came with their embarrassing situation, they called for help but only succeeded in attracting a large crowd of onlookers.

Recall that a similar incident happened in Kenya recently.

A married Kenyan woman who was said have been cheating on her husband with a particular man, got stuck in bed while making love.

The event happened after her husband reportedly visited a witch doctor and collected some concoction to arrest the development.

According to K24TV, the adulterous couple from Kisii region of Kenya were nabbed at an apartment, where they were committing the act.

While they were having sex, they got stuck and couldn’t stand up or move away from each other, prompting them to start shouting for help.

Is this one of the consequences of cheating? Maybe Karma?

Do you think it serves them right?

Maybe, think things like this ought to serve as a deterrent to those living promiscuous lifestyles.

Still some pervert with inordinate sexual desire won’t learn.

I’m sure the worse you can do to a friend is sleep with their spouse because it is as good as murder.

One of the seemingly interesting comment by an anonymous person reads:

“Bullshit! Look how people on here quickly believed and are commenting.

“Why is it only in Nigeria and Africa things like this happen?

“The woman is short, the man is tall, there is no way the penis of the man is still in her vagina to get stuck, is he stuck on her back?

“To prove it beyond doubt, hell! undress them for the world to see, I mean, they’ve already been shamed right?

“And the man, the husband doesn’t get stuck in it after right? Only strangers to the vagina right??

“This requires just a little common sense to dismiss.

Man gets stuck inside woman during sex

As E Dey Hot – Nelly Nelson (Audio)

What’s your take on this?

Meanwhile, the medical condition that causes couples to ‘get stuck’ during intercourse is called vaginismus or Penis captivus.

It is a situation where a woman’s ‘P-Unit’ contracts involuntarily.
Watch the bizarre and embarrassing video below…

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