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Most People Don’t Expect That I’m Enlightened- Yemi Alade

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In a just published interview done by Punch on Nigeria’s self acclaimed Mama of Africa, Yemi Alade, it was revealed in her confession that through her journey to success, most people don’t think she is enlightened enough to hold up a meaningful conversation. Yemi Alade also talked about how she doesn’t consider Tiwa Savage a friend.

Read on to find her reasons:


I was born in Abia State. My late father, a Yoruba man, was a retired commissioner of police, while my mother is an Igbo-born businesswoman. I wasn’t one of those kids that attended parties, because my father was a disciplinarian. However, growing up was fun for me.

yemi alade


I attended St. Saviour’s British School, Victory Grammar School, and afterwards, I studied Geography at the University of Lagos.

Role models

In Nigeria, I love P-Square and Omawumi. Outside the country, it’s Beyonce and Jay Z.

Sexual harassment


Record label owners and show promoters are all guilty of this. Sexual harassment comes in different levels; some are intense, some are subtle, and some even come through third parties. However, I’ve never found myself in a situation that felt very uncomfortable. Once I see the signs, I run and the person would not even have the opportunity to go through with his evil plans. There are some people who I looked up to in the industry but surprisingly, they also wanted sex.

Lowest point

That was the moment my dad died, and I wasn’t there with him; it shook me a lot. I was on an European tour when it happened.

Favourite songs

All my songs are dear to my heart, but some do stand out. On King of Queens album, the song Bamboo is memorable because I got inspiration and wrote it on a motorcycle. On the Mama Africa album, the song Africaalso strikes a chord. As of the time I wrote it, I had been out of the continent for a long time, so I was longing for home.

Yemi Alade

Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay and Chidinma

I don’t know why the media takes pleasure in pitting great women against one another. Have you ever seen any text message from any of us lambasting another person? There’s no proof of these things; it’s just in the imagination of people. I’ve never stopped working and I was already working before Tiwa Savage came to Nigeria. I am a fan of their music, and on my Snapchat page, I usually dance to their songs. I do not consider Tiwa Savage a friend because I don’t know her favourite colour or meal and other intimate things. She is just my colleague.

Current projects

We’re working on my first worldwide tour which would last about a year. I will visit all the continents in the world.


I think people generalise too often. I find that most people don’t expect that I’m enlightened, and can hold a meaningful conversation. That’s one of the biggest misconceptions about me.


Other than being an entertainer, I have my personal life. If I’m going to be in a relationship with someone in the same profession with me, I’d have to be deeply in love with the person’s personality. If the personality suits me, why not? Personally, I think I’m a reserved and nice girl. I’m also a hopeless romantic; movies easily make me cry. The last movie that made me cry was a cartoon in which a little dinosaur lost his mum.



Style is a representation of who you are on the inside, manifested on the outside. It’s like garbage in, garbage out. I don’t go anywhere without my sunglasses. I don’t think there’s anything I cannot be caught wearing. Expect anything from me because I don’t even trust myself

What were your misconceptions about Yemi Alade, please drop a comment below,

Credit: The Punch

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