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Nigerian ‘company’ set to recruit whistleblowers, ‘just come and help us blow’, whistle na whistle

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There has been so much hullabaloo about the whistle blowing policy initiated by the Federal Government. Whistleblowing, whistleblowers in Nigeria.

“… Whistleblowers are the relatives, staff or friends of the blowee, who did not feel any blow when the blowee was blowing cash around.” – Anonymous.

Have you heard of the new company in Nigeria called Whistle Blowing Incorporated?

They are set to recruit legit whistleblowers.

Whistleblowing, whistleblowers in Nigeria

Unconfirmed reports say they are working hand in hand with the EFCC and National Intelligence Agency, NIA. #Justforlaffs.

Anyway, that’s just an insight!

The main gist here is Nigerians, being who they are, have started blowing whistle in all areas.

My neighbour said, “WHISTLE NA WHISTLE… I DON BLOW AM!!!

“I went to a RESORT and after every table being occupied by folks of opposite gender in order to get one seat for myself.

“I took out my phone and made a phone call, saying ” My friend, your babe is here with another man just come and witness”.

“I was shocked to see 12 ladies DISAPPEAR.

“My own whistle na free, no percentage.”

The FG is to give a 5% of the recovered fund to the whistleblower who remains anonymous unless otherwise directed.

Where problem go dey na if you blow whistle and EFCC or NIA nor find money there.

Apart from this, people now poke nose into people’s affairs all in the name of whistleblowing.

A friend just blew the whistle to me how she saw my fiance’s father’s cousin with my best friend’s bestman. Hahaha.

I really want to blow a whistle but I don’t know how to. My mouth too small. Lol.

Just blow it any how.

Whistleblowing, whistleblowers in Nigeria

Tomato seller claims ownership of N250m cash found in Balogun market

Now that there are no jobs in Nigeria, people are now moving from one empty deserted house to another to see if dem store money there.

Be careful also because CCTV camera is now so cheap even an aboki can purchase, plant in a ‘fishy’ environment, just to find something to blow with the air while whistling.

Funny enough, all these monies recovered, where do they go?

Whistleblowing, whistleblowers in NigeriaNigerians would not be happy with the fight against corruption if we keep hearing stroke-causing amounts of cash discovered, but the masses do not have anything to show for it.

In simple terms, funds recovered should not go to another pocket, but developmental strides worthy of admiration by the world.

The whistleblowing programme came as an initiative from the Federal Ministry of Finance.

It is a means of helping the nation get useful information about a couple of things that could draw the nation backwards.

Individuals (whistle blowers) are encouraged to provide useful information that entails violation of government financial regulations.

The Whistleblower Protection Bill, 2008 is a bill for an Act to provide for the manner in which individuals may in the public interest disclose information that relates to unlawful or other illegal conduct.

The Bill was Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon sponsored the bill.

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