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I Can Relate To Friendzone by Adekunle Gold

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Graphics designer turned music artiste, Adekunle Gold whose birth name is Adekunle Kosoko. Undoubtedly is fast becoming a force to reckon with.

He spews out originality on all airwaves and I love his style of music which is urban highlife. It is laced with a touch of RnB and the track, friendzone is simply off the hook.

This mischievous singer’s recently released album tagged “Gold”, from top to bottom, all tracks are lit with freshness. I will be dwelling mostly on friendzone because I can relate to that song as most guys can. Currently having a flashback on  how many guys I ended up friendzoning, i just figured, my excuses back then didnt make sense. Excuses like:

“Uuuh, we are too close for that kind of intimacy abeg!

“Aaah, I think if we take it to the next level, tinz wee spoil ooh.. So lets keep it on this zone.”

And guess what, most of these guys are happily married with kids and I, oh well… still getting played by the ones I thought I had deeper emotional and physical connect with. Life’s a bit*ch!

friendzone by Adekunle Gold

Too much for friendzonning!!

Anyways, Adekunle Gold tells a story not quite different from mine but from a male’s perspective.
The video opens up with him driving a luxurious Cadillac Eldorado convertible with flashy rims down a neighbhood of a white girl. He stops at her house while she waits at her balcony absorbing in fresh air.

Then he is seen alighting from his car and excorting her downstairs, taking her on a ride. With all the efforts put in to impress her, this white girl just wasn’t getting any of it. Until the moment he took her to a live band where he serenaded her to the reality that there aint no way he was going to accept being her brother let alone being friendzone.

And gbamm… just when he was about getting the message across to her in the bar, she gets a call from someone who apparently was waiting outside for her. She rushes out to the intruder with poor adekunle finding out that he had be jonzing all along. the one his heart skips for, hugging a seemingly older white guy who turns out to be her lover.
I rate Adekunle Gold’s friendzone 8/10 on this song.
Adekunle Gold always found a way to send out messages to his fans in a way that they can relate to it, which is good. Plus the rhythm or beat in his songs is one that you can dance to.
He comes with so much originality and that signifies a breath of fresh air for critics and music lovers especially in the Nigerian music industry where artistes either copy a dance step, infuse another artiste’s keyword or popular phrase or down right just don’t have content. Adekunle comes with a deep message all the time. The moment you think he has outdone himself with Ariwoko, he comes in with more orgasmic hit tracks one of which is friendzone. Nevertheless, he featured instagram sensation and celebrity, Mama Tobi.


Check it out and rate or hate!!!
Artistes: Adekunle Gold ft Mama Tobi
Album: Gold
Track: Friendzone
Record Label: YBNL Nation

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