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White Guys Play And Sing To Chief Osita Osadebe’s Highlife Songs

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White Guys Play And Sing To Chief Osita Osadebe’s Highlife Songs

I saw a video yesterday and it really got me excited so I decided to write about it. For so long, Africans have been denied the right of having their own history. I say this because most of what were written about us was done so by another. And we all know what happens when we leave others the opportunity of writing our own story. So it interested me when I saw these white guys play and sing to Chief Osita Osadebe’s Highlife songs.

White Guys Play And Sing To Chief Osita Osadebe's Highlife Songs

Overtime, I have come to believe every day that passes hold’s its own history. Our fore fathers may not have had the opportunity to write our history, but we do now. We have the ability to document what we have, the new things we create, ideas, inventions, innovation.

Africans got style biko, especially Nigeria (Naija). We have in so many ways proved that we have our own style. With music we have shown that it mustn’t be their own way, at some point we kept tryimg to immitate the west. I am glad to inform you that they are now trying to imitate us.

Listen to original Osadebe – Osondi-Owendu

Do you have an idea how much Naija songs trend in obodo oyibo? This happens more in their churches, they are also trying to do some things in the Naija way.

So in this video, you will see these white guys playing the Naija Highlife sound and singing to Osita Osadebe’s song. This reminds me that it is good to stay true to yourself even though they don’t accept you the first time. It simply means they are yet to grow to understand the pattern that you’ve got.

Just out of concern, hope they will not wake up one day and claim that they started highlife. E nor dey hard them ooo. Anyway, the highlife style was created and belongs to the Eastern part of Nigeria. This is part of our new history.

So I will say believe in yourself, believe in what you do, those who will follow will eventually do.

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