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“What The World Considers As Fun Is Death” __Lynxx Says

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Ever since Nigerian artiste, Lynxx declared his stance with God and the world, there’s been a decline in his popularity among his colleagues in the music industry. This goes on to reaffirm why artistes who started off in church deviate at some point in their musical career in a bid to gain more popularity in the secular world. Atleast, Praiz can attest to this fact.

Lynxx had an interview late last year revealing his new found love for God, his current reception by fans and how being spiritual is what he is now concerned about because religion was what he had before. In his words,” You grow up into a system and that system becomes your religion but when it goes beyond that system, it becomes spiritual” and that is where he is now and not shy to declare such.

Lynxx went on to state that people think he is bluffing at the thought of him being born again and thus might be feigning so in order to create a publicity buzz with the intent to sell his records. It would be worthy to note that Lynxx celebrated his birthday recently and fans thought the outcome of his birthday party would be boring. This, he laughed off with a response that reiterated that fact that being spiritual doesn’t mean God wants you to stop living your life to the fullest and what the world considers as fun is death.

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