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Davido, DMW Gang show cooking skills as ‘girlfriend’ twerks [VIDEO]

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Davido, DMW Gang show cooking skills as girlfriend twerks

If you follow celebrities like Davido on social media, you’ll get to understand how busy their lives can be. From doing tours, to having regular performances, composing music and having meetings, I usually think that these guys don’t have any other life. Surprising to see Davido, DMW Gang show cooking skills as girlfriend twerks.

The super star who recently performed his song ‘If ‘ at the last BBN eviction show has finally found some time to cool off.

Oboi, no be small flexing ooo, you are cooking indomie and your bae is twerking beside you. I believe that’s the picture every guy kind of have in their mind, although I know most of them don’t wanna cook. LOL

Davido, DMW Gang show cooking skills as girlfriend twerks

Seeing how busy celebrities can be; I just feel like most of them have lost so many friends except those who would wanna hang around and feed off their fame? This also means that they friends they have to keep are once who are also in the music business. If you wanna be a celebrity, begin to imagine the things you have to give up and the friends that won’t be able to tag along.

I am happy to see him happy though and having fun in the little time that he can have for himself. What is life is we can’t do anything for ourselves? But mehn, this scene is so cute to behold, you cooking and your showdi be twerking on the side.

That’s the kinda love we read in the novels right? I want…

Battle As They Show Off Cooking Skills With Indomie & Eggs After Girlfriend Twerks for Them.

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Davido, DMW Gang show cooking skills as girlfriend twerks

This is just a peek into the kind of lives that some of these celebrities live. You want? You better work twice as hard. Okay bye.

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