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Song Theft Saga: Blackface comes for Faze after he tried to settle him & 2face [VIDEO]

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Blackface of the now defunct Plantanshun Boiz has addressed his former label mate, Faze, who tried to settle his scores with their colleague, 2face. This comes after Blackface and 2face were involved in a song theft saga. The song theft saga between the duo has gone on for quite a while and has been making the news rounds. It all started after Blackface accused the ‘African Queen’ crooner of of intellectual theft. Blackface insisted that 2face stole his song ‘Let Somebody Love You’ and 2face demanded apology from Blackface, asking him to stop false statements. Blackface comes for Faze after he tried to settle him & 2face.

2face in the letter dated May 5th, asked Blackface to apologise for accusing him of song theft, sabotage, music royalties fraud amongst others, or face legal consequences.

Blackface comes for Faze after he tried to settle him & 2face

Blackface comes for Faze after he tried to settle him & 2faceFaze had waded in, saying: “We are not boys anymore. Not Plantashun Boiz, we are Plantashun men. What I think is that 2face has played his part by keeping quiet about the situation, he’s not talking about it a lot and Blackface, I think he’s really bitterly hurt, but there are some things you don’t have to take to the media.

“You just keep to yourself, you don’t have to take it all out. I have told him. I speak to him on the phone, we argue about that all the time. Well, I think he should cool down…” Read up his full interview HERE.

But Blackface in an interview with Hiptv discussed the controversy behind hit song African Queen, which he has repeatedly claimed was stolen from him by 2Baba.

Blackface comes for Faze after he tried to settle him & 2face

He said it is natural for their colleague Faze to call for all parties to reconcile since he did not write the song, and has no idea how it feels to have one’s song stolen.

Blackface said: “There’s a saying that ‘Who feels it knows it.’ He didn’t write the song, so he doesn’t know what I’m talking about…”

Meanwhile, Blackface also called on the Nigerian government to arrest or imprison any musician guilty of song theft.

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See video below…

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